Naperville Illinois Titanium Eye Glasses Frames Repair

Did you accidentally break your eye glasses frames? USA Eye Wear Repairs, Inc. is the answer to your accident! Our leading eye glass frame repair service in Naperville, Illinois and surrounding areas including Elgin, North Peoria, Peoria and Waukegan, fixes eyeglasses frames so they fit comfortably and function perfectly again – whether you’ve broken the nose pads or arms, temple, bridge, arm, rim or another glasses frame part.
USA Eye Wear Repairs, Inc., the online veteran in glasses repairs, offers more than any eyewear center you’ll find locally:

Our fast and easy eyeglass frames repair service has the quickest turnaround time.

We are the only local USA Eye Wear Repairs center that has the technologically advanced equipment to mend broken eyeglasses frames – a laser welding machine.

All of our ophthalmological technicians are state- certified, so you don’t have to worry about just anyone handling your precious eyeglasses frames…

Here in The Prairie State, optical repair is performed on stainless steel, metal, Flex-on and titanium eyeglasses frames. We take careful care of your favorite pair of broken eyeglasses frames, repair them like new, and in no time, you’ll be back to reading your favorite newspapers and magazines without holding the page an inch from your face!

Ready to comfortably read again right now? To get started with premium optical repair through, follow these steps, and join the thousands who’ve already started:

Complete the mail-in form and mail it with your broken glasses frames

Attach the pre-filled address label that we provided

Mail your eye glass frames & any other eye glasses parts in to us

Click here for the mail-in form, or call us at 888-456-5554 with questions about getting started on fixing glasses frames

USA Eye Wear is the foremost supplier of eye glass frame repair throughout Illinois’ largest metro areas. And we’re happy to offer wholesale and optometrist discounts!

Interested in more information? Email our customer support reps at with questions!