Anaheim California Titanium Eye Glass Frames Repair

There is now high-quality, low-cost and veteran professional eye glass frames repair available in Anaheim, California and surrounding areas including Garden Grove, Brea, Tustin and Buena Park! USA Eye Wear Repairs, Inc. is proud to offer affordable service for those who need it.

If you accidentally broke your favorite eye glass frames recently, or if you’ve been hanging on to a broken pair of eyeglass frames, not to worry. The highly certified optometrists and technicians at USA Eye Wear Repairs, Inc., are here to fix Anaheim, CA eyeglasses frames of all types: titanium, stainless steel, metal, Flex-on and more! We don’t want you to miss a single sight at Disneyland because you can’t see clearly!

Our premium spectacle repair service ensures that your favorite eyeglasses frames will be fixed carefully with our advanced laser welding machine, a recent addition to glasses frame repair technology. Some think the cost of this amazing and advanced technology is high; however, it’s more affordable than going to a local eye doctor and paying for eye glass frame repair (and then sitting in the chair for an exam and adjustments!).

It’s so easy for us to fix your eyeglasses frames; just follow these steps:

Fill out the mail-in form and insert it, with your needed spectacles repair into a padded envelope

Attach the pre-filled address label that we provided here to the envelope

Mail your broken eyeglass frames for repair & any other parts in to us

Click here for the mail-in form, or call us at 888-456-5554 with questions about getting started on fixing optical frames

USA Eye Wear is the principal provider of glasses frames repair throughout Anaheim, the “Other Mouse’s House,” and the rest of California, too.

Our valued customers are eligible for both wholesale & optometrist discounts, and we have a 30-day warranty on all of our professional work.

Questions? Email customer support at or call 407-772-5454.