Corpus Christi Texas Titanium Eye Glass Frames Repair

If you’re in need of A-list eyeglass frame repair in an A-list city, trust USA Eye Wear Repairs, Inc. in Corpus Christi, Texas (and surrounding areas like San Benito, Pleasanton, Rockport and Victoria). Glasses frame repair has never been easier, of better quality, or more cost-effective than it is with us! Get top-quality frames repair for stainless steel, Flex-on, metal and titanium eyeglasses for the most affordable rates around!

Lone Star State eyeglasses repair is better the 21st century way – through the resourceful experts at So if you have a favorite pair of eye glasses frames that need fixing… turn to our team of spectacle specialists! Corpus Christi, TX residents and those of nearby large cities get spectacle repair service made simple.

Ready to get started in “The Sparkling City by the Sea?”

Complete the mail-in form and insert it, with your broken glasses frames, into a padded envelope

Attach the pre-filled address label that we provide to that envelope

Mail your eyeglass frames for repair & any other eye glasses parts in

USA Eye Wear is the principal provider of glasses frames repair throughout Texas. Our USPS mail-in process ensures your metal or titanium eyeglass frames arrive on-time and are secure during mailing. USA Eye Wear offers a 30-day warranty to all customers, and our professional work is performed with a technologically advanced laser welder, which very few eyewear repair centers have access to.

*All of our dedicated eye doctors and ophthalmological technicians are highly certified, and take great pride in craftsmanship.

Questions about getting started with our online optical repair service? Call 407-772-5454 or email customer support at And remember: Corpus Christi eyeglass frame repair is a cinch with us!

The bottom line: fixes eyeglasses for the lowest rates in the online eye glasses frame repair industry and has the fastest turn-around time! And we offer wholesale and optometrist discounts, too!

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