Tacoma Washington Titanium Eyeglasses Frame Repairs

You’ve come to the right place if you want A-grade eyeglasses frame repair in Tacoma, Washington and surrounding areas like Bellevue, Seattle, Vancouver and Spokane; read about our USA Eye Wear Repairs services, then follow the instructions to get your optical frames repaired by the pros now!
USA Eye Wear Repairs, Inc. has ten years of expert eye glasses repair experience, specifically with titanium glasses frames, plus other metals like stainless steel, Flex-on and more. We offer Tacoma and nearby WA cities eyeglass frames repair that’s innovative. With a state-of-the-art laser welding machine, this absolutely new technology helps our ABO- and state-certified optometrists repair eyeglass frames in just a few minutes!

Don’t spend more time or even more valuable dollars at the eye doctor sitting in the chair (for seemingly forever) getting sucked into an eye exam, then getting your eyeglass frames fitted and adjusted, the re-adjusted until they don’t slide down. The cost of the visit and new eyeglass frames is outrageous!

Instead, just get your favorite eyeglass frames repaired!

Tired of paying a fortune for an eyeglasses fix?

We thought so! Use our easy mail-in process so we can fix your glasses frames now:

Fill out the simple form and insert broken eyeglasses frames into padded envelope

Attach our pre-filled address label

Mail eyeglasses & parts in to us!

Our fast and easy Washington eyeglasses frames repair process offers a 30-day guarantee on all eyeglasses frames repairs! We also offer wholesale & optometrist discounts.

Click here now to complete the easy mail-in form so you can send it in ASAP!

Questions about the process? Want to know more? Call our expert technicians toll-free at 888-456-5554 or email customer support at info@usaeyewearrepairs.com.