Titanium Eye Glasses Frames Repair Jackson Mississippi

Struggling to see the scenic sights in your state capital: Jackson, Mississippi…? Need your glasses frames repaired? If your favorite pair of spectacles has loose hinges or screws, broken nose pads or arms, a damaged bridge, temple or other eyeglass frame part, USA Eye Wear Repairs, Inc. is the solution to your optical repair issue: we do eyeglasses frames repair in Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding areas including Gulfport, Hattiesburg and Biloxi. Our innovative approach to repairing eyeglasses frames includes the use of a state-of-the-art laser welding machine, which few eye glasses frames repair shops have access to.

Whether your favorite pair of eyeglasses frames needs repair or your lucky old (discontinued) glasses frames are sliding or crooked, our eyeglass frame repair service in The City With Soul repairs damaged eyeglasses frames including stainless steel, Flex-on, metal and titanium. Jackson, MS and surrounding cities like Meridian and Southaven have eye glasses frames repair that’s easy…that is, when you choose our premier service! You simply:

Complete the easy mail-in form and insert it, with your broken eyeglasses frames, into a padded envelope

Attach the pre-filled address label that we provided to that envelope

Mail your eyeglass frames for repair & any other eye glasses parts in to us

Our techs are state- and ABO-certified in eye glass frame repairs, and are known as the most knowledgeable and well-trained ophthalmological techs in the area. Additionally, we offer the lowest rates in the online glasses frames repair industry and have the fastest turn-around time on all eye glass frame repairs!

USA Eye Wear Repairs.com is the principal provider of eye glasses frame repair in Jackson and surrounding cities. Our simple USPS mail-in process ensures your metal or titanium eyeglass frames arrive securely.

Click here for the mail-in form; with questions or inquiries, call us at 888-456-5554 or email our customer support reps at info@usaeyewearrepairs.com.