Titanium Eyeglasses Frame Repairs Charlotte North Carolina

Don’t go to the expense of paying for brand new eyeglasses frames: repair the ones you have! USA Eye Wear Repairs, Inc. is the leader in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas like Raleigh, Winston-Salem and Greensboro infixing glasses frames! With a decade of experience, licensed and certified eye specialists who take pride in craftsmanship, the most advanced technology available – a laser welding machine – and the lowest rates for eyeglasses frames repair, we do eyeglass frame repair like no one else can!

Whether you need to repair your eyeglass frames’ temples, hinges, bridge or other part, and whether your favorite eye glasses frames are made of titanium, stainless steel, Flex-on or metal, we’ll take careful care to find the proper fix for your glasses… and our premium technology finds things the naked eye often misses!

USA Eye Wear Repairs, Inc. is the foremost supplier in Charlotte, and other local cities like Durham and Cary, of optical repair. Start taking an easier and more cost-effective road to eyeglass frame repair in The Queen City now — follow these steps:

Complete the mail-in form and insert it, with your eye glasses frames, into a padded envelope

Attach the pre-filled address label that we provided

Mail your eye glasses frames & any other eye glasses parts in to us

High-volume customers enjoy wholesale and/or optometrist discounts, and every customer earns our 30-day guarantee on optical repairs. And don’t fret: the simple yet safe USPS mail-in process ensures your eye glasses frames are always secure.

Click here to fill out and print the mail-in form now.

Call EyeWearFrameRepair.com at 888-456-5554 or email our expert customer support team at info@usaeyewearrepairs.com if you have any questions about our process, or need to inquire about a current order.