USA Eyewear Repairs is the most professional and complete eyewear repair service in the industry. Our revolutionary technology and experience combine in using a two-process procedure to perfectly repair your eyewear frames.

Mass Spectrometer: key to making a lasting frame repair

We are the only eyeglass repair company in the industry that performs an analysis of your frame’s composition prior to making a repair. Others in the industry have a hard time telling exactly what metals your eye frames are made from, and/or if they contain a plating over a base metal. We at USAeyewearrepairs, take the guess work out and determine the exact metal composition of your eyeglass frames. How can other companies in our industry correctly repair your frames if they can’t tell what metals they are working on?

Knowing the exact metal composition is the key to making a lasting frame repair. The use of the Spectro Analyzer allows us to perfectly match your frame’s original metal composition to the alloy used to repair your frames. Additionally, knowing the metal composition allows us to choose the correct settings on our advanced laser weld.

We have repaired hundreds of our competitors’ welds because of their inability to determine the exact metal they are work with. Omitting this step and not knowing the correct metal will cause and lead to an inferior eyeglass repair that will eventually break again.

Laser welding

Let’s start off by stating that laser repairs are far superior over any type of soldering, whether it involves traditional soldering or micro-welding. Why should this concern you? Simply, the process results in a much stronger weld which is up to 260% stronger than solder, and 43% stronger than micro-plasma welds, and is as strong as the original alloy. Soldering is actually a brazing technique. This means that a capillary fill system is used to heat up solder with a gas-oxygen torch or open flame, to then make the solder flow as a liquid over the two ends of the noble metal that is broken (such as a leg on your metal glasses), and thereby bridging them together. In other words, it’s as if glue was used to bond the two ends together, except the glue is an alloy.

Most local repair shops use a soldering method because of the extremely high price of the laser welder and technical training that is required to use one. Even the best repairman with over 30 years of experience using a micro-welder, cannot perform to the abilities of laser welding.

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Rofin 100 Joule Laser Welder – For seamless and superior eyeglass repair

Our laser repairs are done with the Rofin 100 Joule Laser Welder. This laser welder is not a low-powered desktop unit made in China. This unit offers the most advanced settings in any laser welder manufactured today. The Rofin’s advanced settings allow us to match the power output along with the length of beam to the corresponding repair alloy as determined by our Spectrometer. Basically, once we know which metals we are working with and have selected the right alloy to make the repair; it’s time to make the weld. We use the right settings when laser welding and this will result in a seamless, undetectable frame repair with little or no discoloration.


OK, Laser is the way to go… But why should I choose USA Eyewear Repairs instead of similar repair shops?

Customer service and performance is why you should choose us. You want your eyeglass frames fixed correctly the first time then don’t send them anywhere else. The other companies in the industry can’t tell you what metals they are working with and therefore will enviable make inferior repairs. It’s always the unknown factors that cause problems and the correct analysis of the facts that fixes them. We want the opportunity to be the first and last stop for all your eyeglass frame repairs.